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The Magic Tunnel (Ending #2)

"Hey, Beth," her girl friend whispered, "where have you been? Did you get lost in this awful dark and dirty basement or something? Mrs. Wilkins sent me down here to get you. I wish she had sent one of the boys. But it is the girls' side of the school "
"This is creepy," said Billy, or 'Beth,' as Bobby had called him.
"What's creepy?"
"That we're both ... girls."
"Well, what else would we be, 'its' ? "
"Bobby, we're usually boys, remember?"
"Boys? Boys are extinct. The boys' side of the school is no longer used, but the girls' still stick to this side. And by the way, the name's Brittany."
"Brittany?" asked Billy in shock, "what is the world coming to?"
"Come on, Mrs. Wilkins is waiting. If we don't get up there soon, she'll send down a search party. Did you remember to bring gym clothes this time? We have gym today," said Brittany.
"Uh, no," replied Beth.
"Looks like Bethy's got another detention."
They went back to class and to Billy's surprise, all of his classmates were changed into girls! Barney and Chris and Phil ... all of them!
Poor Billy was awfully uncomfortable in the changing room, and to his disgust, he found that he was wearing... a bra! And in gym class, instead of doing twelve laps around the gym, he had to do only six, plus instead of football they played softball. Softball! Billy found the whole idea ridiculous.
At recess, instead of getting to play football, poor Billy sat and had his hair braided, until he saw one girl all by herself with a football in hand. He got up as his braids unraveled and ran over to her, while the other girls yelled at him for undoing all their work.
"Hey, do you wanna sit there with your football or put it to some good use and throw it with me?" asked Billy.
"Sure! Can you teach me to throw a spiral?"
"Of course."
"I'm Jennie, what's your name?"
"Bill... I mean, Beth."
"Oh, great! Gimme your best shot!"
Billy went back about ten feet and threw the ball as hard as he could, only to find that it hit poor Jennie in the face! She looked at him with eerie eyes and said, "I asked for your best shot, not your killer shot." She ran to the teacher who sent her in to get ice, and Billy got in big trouble for forgetting about his gym detention.
"Being a girl is really tough!" thought Billy.
He decided to take up skipping rope. He skipped for about five seconds, when the rope tangled all over him and he tripped. He didn't even notice that the rock in his pocket fell out.
"I can't take this anymore!" he thought, "maybe if I go back into that tunnel, I'll turn back into a boy, and everything will be back to normal."
He marched downstairs, through the dusty old tunnel and back into the storage room. He looked into the mirror, only to find he was still a girl. Billy was so stupid. If he had realized that he needed the rock, he'd be normal again! Simple as that: if you go through the tunnel and you are a boy with the rock in your pocket, you'll be transformed into a girl, and if you go back through with it in your pocket, you'll turn back into a boy, and the same happens if you are a girl, only you'd change into a boy.


zballThis ending was written by Hadleigh, the founder of Used Bubblegum !!! :)

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