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The Magic Tunnel (Ending #4)

Later at recess, Billy or "Beth" was sitting on a bench thinking when something caught "her" eye. It was Billy! The real one! But on the boys side. She slipped in between the walls onto the boys' side. She ran towards Billy.
"Hey, Bill-" she called.
"What are you doing?"
"Save it for the principal ..."
When she got back to class, she had gotten an idea. All she had to do was get Billy to the mirror and just maybe she could change to a he again.
It was harder than it seemed, so, 550 standards later She got Billy to the mirror. It worked!
"Billy, BILLY!" It was Billy's teacher. "Did you find the closet?"
"No" Billy called happily. the closet didn't matter any more.
Billy showed it to the police, but it had vanished. They thought he'd gone crazy, until ...........


zballLike this ending ??? It was written by Deborah !!!

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