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The Magic Tunnel (Ending #6)

As Billy who was now Beatrice walked down the hall she really had to go to the bathroom he walked into the boys room as normal but all the boys screamed and told her to get out. She delicately ran out and surprisingly when she made it to her room Beth was there too!! But she was sighting with a group of girls discussing the latest boy story. Billy now Beatrice didn't know where to go with the girls or with the boys who seemed to be playing an excellent game of paper football. Suddenly she heard someone call Beau over here. She looked around for a moment then she realized that she was Beau and she slowly ran over. Caroline (a total priss) started talking about Michael and what a jerk he was but Beau quickly defended him saying he's just a little goofy. But Caroline didn't seem to agree with her so she said "Who invited you over here anyway Beau your tomboyishy now go away. Beau looked at Beth hoping to get some pity but Beth was too busy putting on Caroline's new foundation. Great Beau thought I look and act like a girl I even answer to Beau. And the old Billy hated that name. Beau felt in the middle he wasn't a boy any more and he definitely wasn't a girl maybe he was just an it! The next day at lunch Beau was sitting alone on the steps regretting ever picking up that rock when all of a sudden 3 girls came up to her and asked if she wanted to play toss with the beach ball.


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