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The Magic Tunnel (Ending #7)

Billy who now was a girl quickly explained to his friend Bobby who was now also a girl that he had climbed through a tunnel in an old closet and had turned into a girl. But as he told the story Beth laughed till Billy thought "he" would explode!
"Stop laughing!!! It is true I tell you! You are a girl too, you know I am not the only one."
"Yeah Billy," Beth said, "I have been a boy all my life too, maybe it was the school's meatloaf that changed me!!!"
"Stop it, Beth, I mean it ! I am a boy, not a girl, this is ridiculous."
"I know it is Billy that is why we need to stop this conversation and go back to class before the teacher gets mad and makes us stay after school."
So very frustrated and confused Billy followed Beth back to class. When he got there he realized he wasn't the only one who had changed -- all his friends were girls and all the girls were now boys!!! Billy quietly sat down in order to not attract attention to himself and the ugly clothes that he was wearing.
While he sat in his seat during quiet time, he tried to piece everything together and after 30 minutes of thinking and deciding all he came up with was nothing. Just then the bell rang and he hurried out of class along with all the other students. This time instead of going home wherever his home was he decided to go over to the swing set and sit down with all his "girlfriends" and try to decide what happened to him. As he stuck his hands into his pockets he felt the rock touch the tip of his fingers and then the thought occurred to him this rock did it all and that is why I am like I am!!! He slowly but quietly got up to leave, told his friends good-bye, and left to go home.
As he walked he remembered what he had said on the playground that morning. He remembered it all too quickly -- he was standing there looking over at the girls and saw a couple of them tossing a ball and told himself how he wondered what it would be like to be like a girl. While he said it his hand was on the rock and he felt it get hotter and his wish had come true when he called through the tunnel and things were backwards!!!
Now that he had figured it out he knew exactly what to do all he had to do was get rid of the rock and crawl through the tunnel backwards. The same way he came. As he walked through the door he called out to his parents only to realize he had changed parents. He had Stacy Parkinston's parents which made him Stacy!! Well there was nothing wrong with being Stacy except that she was loved by all the boys for her beautiful smile and pretty face. Just then his mother walked into the room and told her to go up to her room and change into her pajamas because it was already 6:30 and she went to bed at 8:00 and obviously as prepared as Stacy was she was surprised he hadn't done that as soon as he walked into the house. As he walked upstairs to his room he ran into his older brother Chris who was the strange one and found him on the ground with a rubber knife in one hand and his teddy bear in the other.
"What are you doing barf breath Chris?"
"Killing teddy because he wet my bed!!!"
"Go to bed Chris and get a good night's sleep ok?"
OK!!! Wow! Billy told himself I could get used to this and him obeying me. But he is a little strange. As Billy walked into his room he found pink walls and teddy bears and pretty little flowers all over the room. Well this is just lovely pink brightens up my day a ton! Then he found on her side table a pretty blue book and he walked over to it only to find out it said Diary on the front in purple letters. He opened to the first page to see the topic was love he read down and found that it said "I love Billy Towne" !
Oh great she loves me! How peachy not only am I her but I like me!! He read down and also read I hope Billy finds my pretty little rock on his way to school today and I hope the magic in it works! I want to see how much he likes my style and I want to see his room.
Oh my gosh Billy said to himself she started this she will end it.
That night at exactly 2:08 she climbed out the window with her flashlight and started on her way home. She was going to go to her old house and find Stacy who was now Billy and find out if it was really her that did it and see if she knew how to change it at all. When he got there he knocked on his old window and hoped that Stacy who was now Billy would open up the window. Just as he was about to leave the window opened:
"Hello there Billy do you like being me?"
"Oh thank heavens you opened the window if you didn't I probably would have never gone to sleep tonight!!"
"So do you like being me?"
"It is ok but I would prefer being me."
"How in the world did you find this rock and why did you do this to me?"
"Well Billy it just so happens that I have practiced love spells and I liked this one the best so I decided to go ahead and use it on you I hope you didn't mind."
"Mind!!! You better bet I mind!!! How could you do this ? I hate being a girl I wish I could just be the same again!!!!"
Just then he found himself sweating on his desk and he realized it was all a dream all of it. Yes!!! He said to himself. Young man said Billy's teacher that is 10 minutes time out for you for not paying attention to the lesson and falling asleep like that in the middle of class!!!
Oh well Billy said I don't care at least I am not a girl anymore. That night on the way home from school he put his hands in his pockets and felt the rock.


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