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The dark ruby droplets clung to her ivory white fangs. They dribbled down her full, red lips that were curled into a smile of satisfaction. She lowered her head once more and drank greedily, savouring the taste of his blood. The boy, only a small child, was soon drained completely. She tossed the pale body aside and licked her lips, now fully refreshed. She heaved a deep sigh of contentment. 'Now,' she wondered happily, 'Who will be my next victim?'
Brent Alcott wandered down the boardwalk, his sandals thumping against the wooden planks. As a warm breeze gently swept by him, he grinned. "Salty Cove is such a great place," he murmured to himself. "It sure is!" exclaimed a voice behind him. Brent whirld around and saw the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. Raven curls cascaded down her back. Her emerald eyes were deep and thoughtful. 'The eyes are the window to the soul,' he thought, smiling. Suddenly, they began to change. The light green rapidly dissolved into a flaming red. They looked... evil. Brent shook his head to clear his mind. And her eyes were normal again. Green. "Um... hi. I-I'm Brent. Brent Alcott." Just his imagination. Of course her eyes hadn't changed. "Sophia Kay," she replied, nodding. "You visiting for the summer?" he asked, gaining control of his senses. "Yes," replied Sphia. "My family rented a beach house up here." She pointed in the general direction of it. "Cool," answered Brent. "I live ! here." Sophia opened her mouth, about to reply... then stopped. "Oh my God!" she cried. "Do you have the time?" Brent glanced at his wristwatch. "Quarter after eleven," he informed her. Her eyes widened. "Oh no! I was supposed to be home at ten thirty! My parents'll kill me!" Sophia took off, racing down the boardwalk. "See you around!" Brent called after her. "Like at nine tomorrow at the theatre?" She stopped, then slowly turned back around to face him. A broad smile spread accross her face. "Yeah, ok ay, great!" And she vanished into the darkness.
Sophia settled into her coffin, chuckling quietly. It had been too easy. Brent had fallen into her hands. He had practically invited her to drink form his throat. His tender, pulsating throat, rich with delicious blood. That little boy had been enough to tide her over, but the thirst, the ache, the need for blood overwhelmed her. And tomorrow she was going to get it. Sophia drifted off to sleep with a sly smile upon her face.
Sophia rose, yawning and stretching. Evening had just settled in. She quickly changed and headed towards the Salty Cove theatre. She found Brent there waiting. He was definitely good-looking, she noticed, studying him closely. He was wearing dark denim jeans and a black sweatshirt. Her gaze lingered on his neck for a moment. His eyes crinkled as he smiled at her. "Shall we?" They linked arms and headed inside.
Brent checked out Sophia, impressed. 'Man,' he thought, 'That girl is gorgeous!' The movie was a bad vampire film from the 60's. He snickered as he watched the vampire, dressed in a black cape, sink his fangs into the poor victim, a girl in a flowing white nightgown. 'How stupid.' Afterwards, Brent and Sophia took a walk down the beach, the beach overhead bathing them in silver light. They sat down together on a dune. 'Everything is perfect,' he decided. 'Peaceful, tranquil, serene. Now is the perfect moment.' Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain pierce his throat. Horror washed over him. Brent turned quickly, just in time to see Sophia's fangs disappear into her gums in a flash of white. He uttered a low moan and slapped his forhead. "You're... a vampire?" She grinned, sliding her canines out once more. "So you saw them, did you? Too bad. I suppose you'll have to die now." She leaned towards him, tightly clutching his shoulder. Brent shook his head. "Oh, crap!" Slowly, he slid his ! fangs out, too. "Great. Just great."

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