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Mya Gene

Mya Gene came home from school and asked herself "Why can't I be popular like Sammy Daves?" She asked herself this question because she liked one of the most popular guys in school,but just wasn't cool enough to admit it. Her mom said it's whats inside that counts. Her sister Judy said "Drop It, you're totally uncool". Carla Myers, her best friend said "Go For It Girl!" The worst part was that Lea Coral, Sammy's best friend, and the most popular girl in the 8th grade liked him also. The "dream guy" is Drew McOlsen.

Everyday Mya would ask herself the same question. She wasn't like a total nerd, but she just wasn't Miss.Popular. She would ask her friends for advice, but they couldn't help her. Mya even went to Callie Roger's house to use the Love Calculator on her computer. The Love Calculator said 79%. Mya still wasn't very happy.

The school dance was coming up, and everyone had a date. Carla was going out with Nick Cove; Callie was going out with Mark Watson; Sammy Daves was going out with Johnny Audrews; Laura Shields was going out with Mike Joan; but Mya didn't have a date. What surprised Mya the most was that neither Lea Coral or Drew McOlsen didn't have a date yet.

Two weeks left ot the school dance, and neither Mya,Lea or Drew had a date yet. A new girl cam to their school that day. Her name was Emily Stan. She was a really nice girl who hungout with the popular and the sorta popular kids. Mya asked her for some advice. Emily told her that if ya think he likes you, don't go to him, he'll come to you."But that's the problem" Mya said,"I don't think he likes me". "I see why not" said Emily, "You're pretty,you wear cool clothes, you're nice,smart...". "Yeah but I'm not popular!"."Well if you like him and want to know if he likes you, go ask him to the dance"."NO!" shouted Mya, "I don't have the guts to,besides what if he turns me down?" "Well then he turns you down, no big deal. Just think that now you will be popular for having the guts to ask him"."Ya know, your right Emily,I'll ask him at lunch today"."You Go Girl!" said Emily and Carla. Mya spent the whole morning telling everyone that she was goin to ask Drew to the dance. Eventually it got to Sammy and Lea, and that spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E. ....

So finally it was lunch and Mya,Emily,Carla,Callie,Laura,Bobbi-Jo,Lindsay,Lori, and Lisa all walked out of the girl's bathroom in makeup,nice clothes and everything. Almost every kid in the school was gathered in a crowd, waiting for Drew. Finally at exactly 12:05, Drew walks into the cafeteria. Mya smiles,even blushes a bit. Then,a few moment later, Sammy and Lea walk in. Before Mya can even blink, Lea walks up to Drew and says "Drew,you are going to the dance with me". Drew shrugs his shoulders and simply says "No". Lea, as furious as she could get,storms off. Mya was thinking; did she really stand a chance against Lea? Mya quietly walked up to Drew and smiled. She caught a glimpse of Lea crying in the background with Sammy comforting her, and glaring back at Mya. Before Mya could say anything, Drew said "Mya,would you like to go to the school dance with me?" Mya couldn't believe it! Drew did like Mya. Lea ran out of the cafeteria, with Sammy following after her. Mya was totally speechless,like the rest of the school. Mya was now among the popular group.

The school Dance was a blast. Mya and Drew won 3 awards; The Best SpotLight dance; The Best Boogie Couple; and The Best Way To Ask Someone to Ask school Dance #5. Carla and Nick won the best couple, but really Mya and Drew were just a perfect match.

So Mya got her wishes. One was to be popular. Another was to have Drew as a boyfriend. The third was to make Sammy and Lea look bad; and the fourth was to make a new friend. Mya sure was happy for a long time. Even her sister Judy was proud of her. Mya Gene was really happy that Sammy and Lea were totally unpopular. But Mya was mostly really happy about Drew.


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