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This is the points page. How do you get points??? By doing stuff!

Joining= 10 points

Submitting a story= 40 points

Submitting a poem= 20 points

Submitting anything else: 30 points

Suggesting a link= 10 points

Notifying me about an error on the page= 10 points

Sending a useful suggestion for the site= 40 points

Being lucky visitor number 10, 20, 30 etc..= 50 points.

Being very lucky visitor number 100, 200, 300 etc...= 300 points

Being EXTREMELY lucky visitor number 1000, 2000 etc...= 800 points

The points so far

Amy: 10 points

Christine: 10 points

**CZ Warnes: 50 points

*Dyan: 150 points

Emily: 10 points

PC Stephen

Liz: 10 points

Lucy: 10 points

Meaghan: 10 points

Megan: 10 points

**Richard: 50 points

Roy: 10 points

Sarah: 10 points


One * next to your name means you have the most points. Two *'s next to your name means you're in second place.