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The Magic Tunnel

Hey people, the wonderful president of Used Bubblegum has decided to start a new contest. You get to write the ending to a story called The Magic Tunnel. This is a fantasy/sci-fi story about a boy named Billy who crawls through a magic tunnel hidden in the basement of his ancient school and enters a parallel universe similar to his own, but not quite. OK, on to the stories !!!

First, you've got to read ...

bulletThe Beginning

So far we have eight "endings" and one person has decided to continue the eight endings. You can read:

bulletEnding #1 by Eva
bulletEnding #2 by Hadleigh
bulletEnding #3 by Julie Singleton
bulletEnding #4 by Deborah
bulletEnding #5 by Diane
bulletEnding #6 by Tina Wilson
bulletEnding #7 by Amanda
bulletEnding #8 by Kendra Wilson
bulletEnding #8 continued by Eva

Have a good idea for an ending ??? Write your own entry !!!! Or, continue one of the endings that have already been written !!!!

Either fill out the form or E-MAIL EVA.

Soon you'll be able to vote on your favorite entry so far !!!

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With love from Eva !!!

- The Magic Tunnel -
What was your favorite ending to The Magic Tunnel ????

Ending #1
Ending #2
Ending #3
Ending #4
Ending #5
Ending #6
Ending #7
Ending #8

Current Results